Hey we are Good Karma BEER CO!

Yup thats what we are about.

Good karma beer

We’re part of a culture shift towards a more sustainable, diverse and equal society.

At a time when the importance of supporting local producers has never been greater. We recently relocated to Kent and decided we will only use locally grown ingredients in our beers, use hops sustainably grown within 2 hours of our base in Canterbury. With grain grown a maximum of 4 hours drive from us too.

New developments in hops have given us new amazing varieties, so along with classic UK hops we plan to have lots of fun! 

By focusing on sustainability  and our community in Kent, We has chosen to embrace the rich history and quality of British hops and malts, making Good Karma beers more sustainable and inevitably more appealing.

We do our bit for the planet, whatever we are able to do. NO HOP AIRMILES!

We call that Good Karma.

Your mindful journey needs to be about one thing:


We are of the part of this mindful movement, and we are starting with our range of 0,5%
beers and soon a range of wellness drink’s that are bursting with good vibes!

We have to be mindful of our body too, and what goes into it, fortunately for us since we last brewed in 2018 there are now so many new advancements in this sector. Enabling us to brew beers better and without any long processes or adding enhancements, we can brew beers the traditional way the way we did when we started home brewing…..yup many years ago!

As a business, it is also our responsibility to take care of our planet, and that’s why we strive to be sustainable in every way possible and be mindful in everything we do.

We all have to do our bit otherwise what’s the point!

We call that good karma!