Culture Shock: Our first alcohol-free beer

Good Karma Beer

Culture Shock is here!

We finally did it! Our inaugural release, Culture Shock, is here! We’re thrilled to have partnered with South East London’s Rock Leopard Brewing, another exciting independent brand, for this launch.

We’re lucky to have not only had this opportunity to brew together, but to also call Stacey Ayeh from Rock Leopard a close and personal friend. He’s also one of the hardest working individuals in craft beer. We have a long history and have experienced a similar trajectory in this industry. It hasn’t been an easy journey for either of us!

Even more excitingly, as two BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) owned businesses in an industry where we’re in a minority. This coming together promotes some of Good Karma’s cornerstone ethoses: diversity and equality.

We now present you with Culture Shock, an alcohol-free lemon radler inspired by the Bavarian classic style. It’s extremely thirst-quenching, light and refreshing bursting with flavour. We wanted our first release to be rooted in a classic style that everyone loves. So a non-alcoholic radler was an easy option.

Good Karma Culture Shock


Why Culture Shock?

We choose the name as we feel it’s relevant with issues we face globally. People are making long, perilous journeys to find a better life away from hardships to protect their loved ones. The term ‘culture shock’ describes the impact of moving from a familiar culture to an unfamiliar one. And we all can play a part in making these individuals feel welcome.

This surprise of a new environment, with new people and a new way of life, is likely what our (Steve and Stacey’s) parents experienced when they came to the UK in the early 60s.

It also includes the initial separation anxieties that occur when you’re taken out of close contact with the important people in your life. That could be partners, friends, family, colleagues or teachers – all the people who you’d seek advice from when faced with uncertainty.

Another thing that both Good Karma and Rock Leopard share is a similar taste of music genres. Naturally, we worked this into our label design. Be it Pata Pate by Miriam Makeba to Rockit by Herbie Hancock, music helps keep us positive as we both work to succeed in this industry we love.

Our choice of lemon as the fruit twist was inspired by my love and learning of Ayurveda, which we will showcase more when we launch our wellness drinks (more on this coming soon!).


You can now try Culture Shock at home by heading to our webshop here.

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