Free your mind

0.5% ABV IPA

A collaboration with our friends Cloudwater brewery and part of the Cloudwater and friends ‘Beers with big ideas” 4 pack. Our alcohol free IPA dry hopped with our favourite hop Talus.

Brewed at Brewdog Brewery in Scotland, also joining us in the 4 pack are our dear friends and the very talented Eko Brewery, The Queer Brewing Project and Rock Leopard Brewing. This pack celebrates businesses owned by people who are underrepresented within the beer industry and wider society.

Eko and Rock Leopard are believed to be the only breweries in the UK that are Black-owned and -operated, while Queer Brewing was established to provide visibility for LGBTQ+ people in and around the beer industry. As for Good Karma, well you know us! We’re an alcohol-free beer brand with Indian roots that champions mindful drinking and puts social responsibility at its core!

We’re particularly excited that our tiny brand will be included as a non-alcoholic offering in this beer four-pack, demonstrating the growing popularity of mindful drinking. Mindful drinking is a consumer led movement thats now here to stay, it’s part of our fabric now and we have all seen its growth over the last couple of years

Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Torrefied Wheat, Hops, Malted Oats, Yeast, Hop extract.