Non-alcoholic beer, karma and doing good.

Beer - Good Karma

Things seem very overwhelming at the moment for everyone. It’s important to remember we can’t control everything, but there are many things we can, like our thoughts and our desire to do good. Non-alcoholic beer can play a role in how we prioritise our well-being.

Socialising with the people we love is just as crucial for our health as making sure we exercise. But, with the way we socialise now in large social capacities, it can be increasingly difficult to want to attend when you’re struggling with anxiety or negative thoughts. So what role does non-alcoholic beer play in this?

Why choose non-alcoholic beer?

When we don’t listen to ourselves, we begin to disconnect from others. We can learn bad habits we will struggle to shake, choosing to drink more alcohol for the ‘buzz’, chasing faux happiness we are missing in our lives. Some of us even drink alcohol to silence our minds. 

Many don’t know, but drinking alcohol changes the levels of serotonin, and other transmitters in the brain, with drinking alcohol worsening anxiety. In fact, some people even find themselves more anxious when the alcohol begins to wear off, which can last up to an entire day after drinking. It’s this, and the lack of control drinking alcohol brings, why many choose not to drink alcohol at all, opting for non-alcoholic equivalents or even soft drinks when socialising. 

This is one of the reasons Good Karma came about. We wanted to give people the chance to feel included while also being mindful. Allowing them to connect with themselves and choose the best option for them while still able to socialise and be with their friends or family. It’s important to have rocks in your life, to have people to rely on, like colleagues and loved ones who support you. 

We felt that if we put out good into the world, just like in the practice of karma, good will return.

Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good.

Drinking our non-alcoholic beers can be part of this journey. Take a look at our webshop now.

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