Inclusivity is more than a movement

Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between. See, inclusivity makes space for everyone who doesn’t fit the shape you think they should. Usually, when we think about inclusivity we think about the critical Black Lives Matter movement, or Love is Love. But it’s more than that. While these bigger movements are essential, inclusivity needs to be part of the smaller moments in our every day.

For example, those who don’t drink – by choice. “No thanks, I don’t drink.” often gets a skeptical response or a gasp of surprise. Truth be told, who cares if someone doesn’t want to drink? That’s their choice. And that should be respected. The reason isn’t always important and it’s not always something you should ask about. 

They might be pregnant or looking to lose weight. Or maybe they’re in recovery with Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Maybe they have an alcohol allergy (not even kidding, it’s a thing) or they have a family member they watched deteriorate. They could have made a conscious lifestyle choice. Perhaps they’re just the designated driver for the evening. Accepting that not drinking is their choice, means you’re embracing inclusivity. 

Good Karma (that’s us, by the way) believes in including people in whatever way possible. For us, it’s with alcohol-free beers. While it isn’t zero as often understood, it is 0.5% which is close enough. 

We brew beer that includes everyone. Good beer, that includes everyone. When we start to change the “small” things, the everyday things to make sure that everyone has the freedom to be who they are, then we start to change the world. Inclusivity is the beginning of a much bigger movement – a movement that allows everyone to be who they are, wherever they are. And we can get on board with that.

Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good.

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