Joy in the small things. Look for them.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve found some joy in the tiniest things. By that I mean, as a child, I drove my mother insane because I’d pick up any trinket that caught my eye while out and about. Those small things would inevitably land up in the washing machine which wasn’t very good for her overall mood or my derrière. That didn’t stop me though. And it’s a trait I’ve carried all my life.

Finding joy in the small things has brought me a lot of contentment. Not in the cheesy motivational-poster kind of way. But in a way that has allowed me to take a look at where I am and appreciate what I have and who I have around me. Despite the chaos or circumstances or COVID. Sometimes I really have to look for those small things. Like, really look. Because stresses can be big; worries about money, or family, or health.

Call me a perpetual optimist, and that doesn’t work for everyone. I don’t live in a strange happy bubble where I pretend everything is fine. But even when I’m not fine – a bad day, burned the dinner, missed a call from a friend – I can see the bright side. One of my poets once wrote: Even when you can’t see them, the sun and moon are always there, and always there is light. That’s how I try to see the world. Even a small speck of light chases away some darkness.

A customer emailed us recently about the things – no matter how small – that are bringing them joy: time spent with my family, playing with my cats, walking through my local forest, cooking, growing indoor plants and, most recently, low alcohol beers.

“The joy in finding your beers? Have as many as you want – no hangover. Fewer calories, just as tasty! A healthier lifestyle choice. It includes people that previously “couldn’t drink” or “wouldn’t drink”.

Since “discovering” low alcohol or no alcohol beers, I always make sure to keep some in my fridge. Sure, I haven’t had guests round in ages (rolls eyes at pandemic) BUT they’re perfect to grab during lunch break on a workday, take to a socially-distance meet in the park, quench your thirst after a run or home workout. And when I entertain again – very soon – they’ll be an option for those driving, or those who have just decided that it’s a better choice for them.

So it’s ok if you feel small. It’s ok if you’re overwhelmed by the big. Acknowledge where you are and find joy there. Where am I? On the couch with a cold Good Karma 0.5% Hefeweizen.”

We love hearing from you – our customers, family, and friends. We want you to be a part of our journey through every sip, every picture, every comment. So why not get in touch with us? Let us know what you think of our branding, our good vibes, our overall approach to life. Email us at, or leave us a comment on our social channels. Wherever it works for you. And lastly…

Continue to put good things out there, and good things will come to you.


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