Good Karma AF Black IPA, we’re huge fans of BIPA and we’ve been wanting
to do this for a long time – so now seemed as good a time as any. Citra and
Mosaic hops always shining a bright light. Enjoy.

CITRA & MOSAIC AF PALE ALE with Ashwaghanda

The second in the ‘Mandala’ series but with a twist: we have added
Ashwaganda. An adaptogenic Ayurvedic herb also known as Indian Ginseng
used as a general tonic to boost energy and reduce stress and anxiety.

Plus our favourite two hops, Citra and Mosaic. Something special
for you Citra fans. A functional pale ale.

First in the series of AF pale ales we call Mandala, starting off with this
dynamic duo our favourite 2 hops, Idaho 7 & Mosaic.

Giving you a classic American style pale ale.

Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too.

Happy Pils!

A classic refreshing alcohol free pilsner where the malt and the hops play an equal role.

MANTRA a tool for the mind

Mantra is a sound a vibration through which we mindfully focus our thoughts , our feelings and our highest intentions, eventually leading you to enliven a mantra. Whats your mantra?

Black lager is a traditional old-world beer style and it’s an AF Black lager, balanced roasted & toasted malt flavors smooth, hints of Apricot and Vanilla, crisp and clean.

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world, then love that feeling.” Hefeweizen is one of the most popular beer styles around the world, low bitterness, high carbonation and taste great with a slice of lemon if that’s your thing! This is a style we had to do, so hope you enjoy our refreshing alcohol-free version! Prost!


Sumac and Cherry Sour.
Sumac, a spice that has been used in
Middle Eastern cooking for centuries.
An antioxidant made from dried
berries, a lemon-lime tartness mixed
with sour cherries,
Creating a unique twist on a sour beer.


Our New England pale ale. It’s all the
haze, all the mouthfeel, all the juice
and aroma without the alcohol.
Motueka and Azacca: a punchy
combo of fruity, tropical and
citrus notes.

Alcohol Free Collabs


Kent Green Hop – beers made from just-harvested hops and we are delighted to be part of this, in collaboration with our friends at No Frills Joe brewery.

For our first AF green hop beer, we have chosen Ernest for its new world characteristics producing a complex flavour with fruity notes, especially apricot, citrus and spice.

0.5% ABV IPA

A mindful journey to the West Coast with our collab with Pretty Decent Beer Co, together lets spread some decent vibes!
Pretty Decent our friends are based in East London and amongst some of the exciting breweries to look out for in 2022.


Hippy Joe’s mindful journey in AF beer, our collab with our friends at NO FRILLS JOE brewery.

A kent hopped alcohol free pale ale with Bullion and Ernest hops, Hippy Joe is a classic pale ale with suttle red fruits and leading to an enticing bitterness.

0.5% ABV IPA

A collaboration with our friends Cloudwater brewery and part of the Cloudwater and friends ‘Beers with big ideas” 4 pack. Our alcohol free IPA dry hopped with our favourite hop Talus.


When life gives you lemons, make a lemon Radler! Quench your thirst with this Bavarian classic an alcohol free version a collab we brewed with our pals at Rock Leopard Brewing who you know are all about good vibes.